Josh Wagner

Car Accidents are a BEACH, call Wagner the Lawyer Dude

Wagner the Lawyer Dude settles your case barefoot.
Why that benefits you:

one It's faster.
two Fees remain at 33.3% instead of 40% for litigation.
three Your costs are less.
four You get the most money in your pocket!

Meet The Lawyer Dude

Wagner the Lawyer Dude focuses on you getting the most money in YOUR pocket. Most adjusters will give the maximum policy limits if the attorney is cool (nice) and supplies the adjuster what they need to paper their file. Paper their file means Wagner the Lawyer Dude gave the adjuster the stuff needed that backs up why they can give the maximum award without their supervisor firing them during one of their quarterly reviews.

Most personal injury lawyers seem to sell to clients that they will aggressively fight the hardest for them. Wagner has figured out that is just plain stupid most of the time and only costs the client time and money. Wagner can fight, like the time he got a jury verdict of 154,000,000 verdict. But even then, he connected with the jury by being relatable and not an aggressive maniac. Overall, Wagner the Lawyer Dude promises to his clients that he will get them the most money in their pockets possible. And, usually, he is barefoot or in flip flops.

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With Wagner, the Lawyer Dude, there is no cost unless we win. As a bonus, Wagner, the Lawyer Dude, also guarantees to reduce his fee to make sure you always get more money than him. It's a written guarantee.

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Areas Lawyer Dude Serves

  • Nationwide
  • Florida
  • Daytona Beach
  • Ormond Beach
  • South Daytona
  • Port Orange
  • Holly Hill
  • Ponce Inlet
  • New Smyrna Beach
  • Edgewater
  • Bethune Beach
  • Oak Hill
  • DeLand
  • Deltona
  • Orange City
  • DeLeon Springs
  • Palm Coast
  • Flagler Beach
  • Bunnell
  • Beverly Beach

Jump on the surf board and call Lawyer Dude. The number is radical! (833) 333-3333

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